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Thierry Saint Jean
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M Pokora 3 Pink ...

The operation raises funds to support the action of all charities whose main concern is the welfare of the needy.

By purchasing this T-shirt, you automatically make a donation of at least 10 euros. The price of the Tee Shirt is 29 euros because it is printed by hand, one by one, in Paris, in a high-quality cotton and only for your order. No series is manufactured in quantity abroad.

By clicking the «SIZE» link below, you will be taken to body sizes, cuts and the composition of clothing.

Make sure you order the right size for you: for men's T-shirts, please take one size down your standard size, as for women's t-shirts, take one size up.

Other colours, TOTAL BLACK VERSION, or cuts are available by calling 33(0)6 18 11 50 55.

THE TSHIRTS ARE NOW SOLD 29 euro, pending the complete update of the database, you will receive a refund check for the difference with your package. Thank you to you.
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